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Wedding Cakes

What Goes into 

A Lutz Wedding Cake

European Craftsmanship

From cascading flowers to fresh-sliced strawberries, you can tell everything about a Lutz wedding cake is
created just for you! Our bakery employs many associates, each with their own specialty. Some bake,
some assemble, some decorate and some create. Many hands go into creating a cake that is uniquely

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Over 70 Years of Tradition

In 1948, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutz opened their shop on Montrose Avenue in Chicago, where it continues
to operate and serve it’s customers. They brought their European influence, traditions and methods
which continue to be part of the baking done today. A Lutz cake is in a class of it’s own … and it will be
part of your wedding memories for years to come.

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A Unique Taste Experience

“Very Light, and Not Too Rich” Fresh fruit, fresh eggs, pure whipped cream and sweet butter (with no artificial flavors or preservatives) make a Lutz cake taste as exquisite as it looks. But although they look incredibly rich, the flavor is surprisingly light and nuanced. Combined with endless choices for cake layers, frosting and filling, the unique subtly of taste will make a Lutz wedding cake memorable to everyone on your guest list.

Your Dream Cake

Our staff’s priority is to make your “Dream Cake” a reality. We have an extensive photo gallery to help
inspire, excite and direct you to create your unique wedding cake. We offer complimentary tastings too
(by appointment).

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The Awards Pour In

In 1990 Lutz received the Jim Beam/Chicago Magazine “Best Desserts” award, along with the “Best Desserts” of the 1992 and 1993 Chicago Magazine Reader’s Restaurant Poll. They were named “Retail Bakery of the Year” in 1996 by Bakery Productions and Marketing Magazine. In 1997 Chicago Retailer’s Bakery Association Marketplace Convention and Exhibition gave them the “Award of Excellence.” James Ward proclaimed in his July 2003 review he’s “still nuts about Lutz.”

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